How to Protect the Car From Marten

Protect the Car From Marten

Insurance companies record a sharp increase in the number of car owners affected by martens. There are hundreds of thousands of such complaints. The animals are especially active in the spring – during the mating period. At this time, they are meticulously looking for a new “home”. And as a “apartment” is often considered the space under the hood of a parked car, which the owner has not used for several days.

Having settled in a car, martens usually “put things in order”, getting rid of “unnecessary things” – wires, hoses, various seals. Very often, after such “cleaning” the car is no longer even possible to start. Sometimes it is even worse: on the way, the driver is faced with an unexpected engine overheating. In this case, the martens “worked” with the hoses of the cooling system. In general, the list of damages and malfunctions after toothy intruders is very long. And insurers have to pay tens of millions of euros in compensation.

How to protect yourself from martens? Experts advise in many ways. From special sprays with odors that scare away animals, to just nets that are fixed under the bottom, protecting the most vulnerable parts of the car. In addition, there are also stun guns and ultrasound devices, which also greatly irritate martens. Faced with such “troubles”, the little robbers begin to look for new “housing”.

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