Rodent Control Methods

Rodent Control

In the fight against rodents, 4 methods are used: chemical, biological, mechanical and with the help of a repeller. Sometimes, in order to increase efficiency, these methods are recommended to be combined or combined.

Mechanical method

If there are not very many such pests on the site or in the dwelling, then traps and traps will be quite effective in the fight against them. It should be remembered that you can get rid of all rodents only if traps are used correctly. And for this you need to place them in those places where pests are most frequent, systematically replace the bait, remove dead mice and rats from the trap, and dispose of them.

Store-bought traps are suitable for catching both rats and mice. If you wish, you can make them yourself. There are traps that kill pests, and there are also more humane traps, if a rodent gets into them, it will be alive, but will not be able to escape. In this case, a person, if desired, can release it in a place located far from the house or summer cottage.

A simple beer bottle can make a good trap. To do this, put a bait inside (toasted white bread or sausage), and coat the neck of the bottle with peanut butter. On the detected mouse path, place it at an angle.

You can also use glue traps to catch mice. They are installed within a radius of 10–25 m from the supposed habitat of rodents. It is recommended to place them along the walls, where mice most often run. After the rodent’s legs are on the sticky surface, it will no longer be able to escape. Also, such a trap is effective for young rat pups, but if an adult animal is caught, it can leave.

Today in the store you can buy an electronic mousetrap belonging to the latest generation of traps. A rodent caught in it instantly dies from a current discharge. Such mousetraps can work for a very long time without recharging; therefore, they are recommended to be used in large storage facilities and warehouses.

Chemical method (use of poisons)

If there are a lot of rodents on your site or in your home, then the traps will be ineffective, and you will have to look for more effective ways. In just a few days, they can be exterminated with granules or grains that are poisoned with arsenic, coumarin or warfarin. The poison is placed in the house in several places near the passages of rodents. If they live in the garden, then a piece of hose is taken, poison is poured into it and it is placed under the tree.

The toxic substances listed above do not allow blood to clot, and mice with rats die from internal blood loss. But it must be borne in mind that rodents in a fairly short time can adapt to the active substances of the poison, in this regard, they must be regularly changed. In addition, there is a high risk that a pet or a small child may be harmed by the poison.

Biological way

Probably everyone knows that cats are the main enemies of rodents. They can lie in ambush for a long time to catch a mouse or rat. Most often, if there is a cat in the dwelling, then the pests leave it. In this regard, in villages in almost every yard there is a cat or a cat. But if rodents occupied the dacha, then the cat is unlikely to help here. As a rule, it is brought only in the spring and summer, and when the dacha chores are over, the owners take the pet home. Therefore, in winter, rats and mice feel at home in the country. And today, more and more cats are found that do not know how to catch mice, not to mention rats. In this regard, this method of pest control is very often ineffective.

Rodent repellents

Ultrasonic devices that scare off rodents have appeared relatively recently. Such a device is connected to a regular electrical outlet, and it does not need to be monitored. In order to get rid of rats in just 15–20 days, you must first carefully study the instructions, and then correctly calculate how many such ultrasonic devices you need to purchase.
In the event that, after three weeks, the rodents are still in the house or on the site, you will need to double-check your calculations. Most often, the problem is solved after several more scarers are purchased and connected. But it also happens that you have to buy ultrasonic devices with more power.


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