What Rodents are Considered Pests

Rodents Pests

House mice

House mice can be found in any corner of the planet Earth; they do not live only in the Far North, in the highlands and in Antarctica. Such mice were called brownies far from due to the fact that they live exclusively in people’s homes. Such pests prefer to live in different places at different times of the year. When the weather is warm, they prefer to live and get their food in nature. And when it gets cold outside and the mice cannot find enough food for themselves, they try to move to the vegetable garden or garden, cellar, pantry, and also to the house.

House mice are very fertile. Within 12 months, one individual can give 5-14 generations, while in one litter there can be 3-12 mice.

Voles (field mice)

In fact, field mice are considered relatives of muskrats and lemmings and are members of the Hamster family. They are not related to house mice. The genus of voles unites 143 species, but common voles annoy man most of all. Their habitat is very wide. As a rule, voles reproduce only when the weather is warm, but not as intensely as house mice.
On average, the lifespan of such a rodent is 4.5 months, but in such a short time they can cause significant harm, since they have an excellent appetite and a tendency to store food for future use. Field mice feed on bulbs and seeds of flower and vegetable crops, succulent roots and tubers, and in winter they gnaw bark from trees and shrubs.


Outwardly, the shrews look like mice, but the shape of their muzzle is elongated and there is a proboscis on it. The Shrew family unites about 350 species, but no more than 25 of them can be found in mid-latitudes. Such pests feed on insects, as well as their larvae, which is very useful for a summer cottage and a personal plot. But shrews are mainly engaged in digging the soil, during which they injure the root system of various crops. As a result, the bushes are suspended in the air and cannot receive nutrients. After a while, the plants die.

Such pests are distinguished by rather moderate reproduction. Only when shrews cannot find insects do they eat various plants.


Rats are fearless and intelligent animals that can live both in the house and in the garden, and it is very difficult to notice them. Only when they multiply strongly can they reveal themselves. Such animals differ in that they gnaw something all the time, and therefore they can very much harm a person.

Ground rats prefer to live in burrows, which are made along the edges of paths, under tree roots, and also near sewer manholes. Gray rats most often live in dark places that are rarely visited by humans and are located higher, for example: in the attic under the floorboards, in the attic or in the roof.

Rats and mice carry a variety of diseases and, by damaging useful horticultural crops, can also infect stored supplies. If you do not start fighting them in time, then after a short time they will breed very much and will walk around the house or garden without fear of anyone. It is because of this that, when the first signs of the appearance of rodents on the site or at home are detected, all the necessary measures must be taken to combat them.

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